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Lee Gardens
Food Court Agetate Kibun Hysan Place 11/F
South East AsianAn Nam Lee Garden One 4/F
Japanese & KoreanBaikohken Hysan Place B2/F(MPJ)
ChineseBeidouweng Hotpot Cuisine Lee Theatre 19/F
Japanese & KoreanCafé&Meal MUJI Lee Theatre 3/F
Café & Otherscaffè HABITŪ the table Hysan Place 8/F(eslite)
Café & Otherscaffè HABITŪ the table Leighton 2F
Food Court Chilli N Spice Hysan Place 11/F
American & EuropeanCOVA Caffè - Ristorante Lee Garden One 101-103
Café & OthersCOVA Pasticceria-Confetteria Lee Garden One 106-107
Food Court Curry House Coco Ichibanya Hysan Place 11/F
Japanese & KoreanDODAM CHICKEN Lee Theatre 18A
Japanese & KoreanGonpachi Lee Garden One 4/F
Café & OthersGreen Waffle Diner Hysan Place 1303
Food Court Hachiban Ramen Hysan Place 11/F
ChineseHo Hung Kee (1946) Congee & Noodle Shop Hysan Place 1204-1205
Food Court Hokkaido Dairy Farm Hysan Place 11/F
Café & OthersHONEYMOON DESSERT de avenue Hysan Place 317, 318-319
Chinesekikusan Hysan Place 1301
Japanese & Koreankikusan Hysan Place 1301
Food Court Kim's Gourmet Hysan Place 11/F
Café & OthersKyo Hayashiya Hysan Place 603-604
Café & OthersLa Maison du Chocolat Lee Garden One B03A
Café & OthersLaw Mark Kee Hysan Place 1402
South East AsianLemon Grass Hysan Place 1202
Food Court Marugame Hysan Place 11/F
Café & OthersMcDonald's® Leighton B02
ChineseMing Bistro Hysan Place 1401
Japanese & KoreanMonster Sushi Lee Theatre 16A
Japanese & KoreanNabe One Lee Theatre 17A
Food Court Noodle and Dog Hysan Place 11/F
Café & OthersPacific Coffee Hysan Place 516-517
Café & OthersPacific Coffee Lee Garden Two G04
American & EuropeanPANINO GIUSTO Lee Garden One 204
ChineseParadise Dynasty Lee Theatre 6/F
American & EuropeanPassion by Gérard Dubois Lee Garden One G12
Food Court PEPPER LUNCH Hysan Place 11/F
Japanese & KoreanPizza Maru Hysan Place 1302
Café & OthersPressed Juices Hysan Place 420-421
Café & OthersPret A Manger Lee Garden Two G12
ChinesePUTIEN Lee Theatre 7A
Café & OthersSeasons by Olivier E. Lee Garden Two 308-311
American & EuropeanSeasons by Olivier E. Lee Garden Two 308-311
Japanese & Koreansen-ryo Hysan Place 1304-1305
American & EuropeanShelter Italian Bar & Restaurant Hysan Place 718-719
Café & OthersSmile Yogurt.Cake.Dessert Hysan Place 509
Japanese & KoreanSorabol Korean Restaurant Lee Theatre 18B
ChineseStar of Canton Restaurant Lee Theatre 21/F
Café & OthersStarbucks Hysan Place B2/F(MPJ)
Café & OthersStarbucks Leighton L05
Café & OthersStarbucks Lee Garden One 305, 306
American & EuropeanSunning Restaurant Lee Theatre 16B
South East AsianSweet Basil Thai Cuisine Lee Theatre 7B
Café & OthersThe Cakery Lee Garden Two 124
ChineseThe Graces Restaurant Lee Theatre 20/F
American & EuropeanThe Sky Bar Lee Theatre 8A
Food Court Triple O's by White Spot Hysan Place 11/F
ChineseTsui Hang Village Lee Theatre 22/F
ChineseU Banquet Lee Theatre 5/F
Food Court Viet’s Choice Hysan Place 11/F
Japanese & KoreanWatami Japanese Casual Restaurant Lee Theatre 8B
ChineseWest Villa Restaurant Lee Garden One 5/F
Japanese & KoreanWIRED CAFE Hysan Place 1403-1404
ChineseWu Kong Shanghai Restaurant Lee Theatre 17B
Chinese南小館 Hysan Place 1201
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