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Personal Care & Beauty@cosme STORE Lee Theatre Plaza 104-105
Personal Care & Beauty10/10 HOPE Hysan Place 8/F(eslite)
Personal Care & BeautyACCA KAPPA Hysan Place 313-314
Personal Care & BeautyAderans • Total Hair Solutions One Hysan Avenue 1504
Personal Care & BeautyAesop Hysan Place 205
Personal Care & BeautyALOE HK Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Personal Care & BeautyAlthy Clinic One Hysan Avenue 904
Personal Care & BeautyAmor Hysan Place 309
Personal Care & BeautyAMOREPACIFIC Lee Garden One B01A
Personal Care & BeautyAVEDA Leighton Centre 2/F
Personal Care & BeautyBEYORG Hysan Place 215-216
Personal Care & BeautyBodywize Immersions Lee Garden One 401A
Personal Care & BeautyBusybee Lee Garden Three 319-320
Personal Care & BeautyBY GINNY Hysan Place 8/F(eslite)
Personal Care & BeautyCHANEL BEAUTÉ Hysan Place 106-107
Personal Care & BeautyCheung Leung Kee Hysan Place 422B
Personal Care & BeautyDermagram Swiss Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Personal Care & BeautyERNO LASZLO Hysan Place 320
Personal Care & BeautyHAiR Lee Theatre Plaza 10/F
Personal Care & BeautyHair King Hysan Place 704
Personal Care & BeautyInspire for Men Lee Garden Two 5/F
Personal Care & BeautyJOYCE Beauty Hysan Place 214
Personal Care & BeautyKhemist Hysan Place 8/F(eslite)
Personal Care & BeautyLeighton Aveda Leighton Centre 2F
Personal Care & BeautyM Plus Salon Lee Garden Three 311-315
Personal Care & BeautyMannings Hysan Place B2/F
Personal Care & BeautyMegeve Beauty & Medical Centre Limited One Hysan Avenue 20/F
Personal Care & BeautyMM AVEDA Lee Garden Two 125-126
Personal Care & Beautymtm labo Lee Garden Five 2/F
Personal Care & BeautyNeal's Yard Remedies Hysan Place 8/F(eslite)
Personal Care & BeautyOsmosis Hair & Scalp Ltd. One Hysan Avenue 302
Personal Care & BeautyParisine Hysan Place 324-325
Personal Care & BeautyPhillip Wain International Lee Garden Two 4/F
Personal Care & BeautyPhilosophy Hysan Place 2/F OPEN SPACE NO.1
Personal Care & BeautyPure Fitness Lee Theatre Plaza 12/F, 14/F, 15/F
Personal Care & BeautyREVIVE by bodywize® Lee Garden Three 321-322
Personal Care & BeautySaSa Supreme Leighton Centre GF,2F
Personal Care & BeautySense Beauty & Spa Lee Garden Six 4/F
Personal Care & BeautyT Galleria Beauty By DFS Hysan Place G04-33
Personal Care & BeautyThe Spa by Valmont Lee Garden One B01
Personal Care & BeautyVIER Professional Beauty One Hysan Avenue 1603
Personal Care & BeautyYuan Hysan Place 8/F(eslite)
Personal Care & BeautyZcalp One Hysan Avenue 603
Personal Care & BeautyZeva Hair Spa Lee Garden Six 302
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