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Alfresco Restaurants and Terraces

With the heightened anxiety around the coronavirus, most of us have inevitably avoided dining out. But with the right spots, it is possible to have a good meal and enjoy a breath of fresh air and a moment of calm. We have picked out a list of our favourite alfresco restaurants, perfect for those long overdue catch-up sessions with loved ones.
Located on the ground floor of Lee Garden Three, Belgos is a spacious semi-outdoor spot that is perfect for sipping on a glass of wine during Happy Hour. Their menu combines traditional Belgian fare with modern ingredients and techniques, presenting creative dishes like the Moules Thailandaises, or fresh mussels cooked with a touch of Tom Yan Kung, as well as comfort dishes like beef-and-beer stew or sole goujons and chips.

Lee Garden Three G11-G15
phone 2111 1197
Cadillac Bar & Grill
Among the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay, Cadillac Bar & Grill is a quiet slice of alfresco haven in Hysan Place that serves up delicious Mexican plates and fresh cocktails. Perfect for that after-work tipple or two, especially to ease any tension or anxiety you may have.

Hysan Place 718-719
phone 2521 2322
Instead of rushing to leave after picking up your bubble tea order, why not take a moment to savour it when it’s freshly made? Now you can sip on Chali’s handcrafted beverages, including fruit teas, herbal teas and even cheese teas on the airy terrace of Hysan Place, and truly appreciate the calming art of tea.

Hysan Place 511A
phone 2602 0260
Renowned in Japan, Gonpachi is beautifully designed to reflect Japan’s izakayas in a theatrical and immersive way. Whether it is the semi-private tatami rooms or the Japanese garden-inspired terrace, the set up is fantastic for friends and loved ones to gather and bond over their signature housemade buckwheat soba noodles and kushi-style skewers.

Lee Garden One 4/F
phone 2787 3688
Recently announced as one of Asia’s top 50 cafes, N.O.C. is outstanding in both its design and aesthetics, as well as its handcrafted speciality coffee. Whether you’re working away at the office or cooped up at home, this is a great excuse to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and sip on a cup of energising flat white in the sun.

Lee Garden Three G23
phone 3565 4654
The Leah
Some say that plants can have a soothing effect on us. Apart from heading out for a hike, busy urbanites can also head to The Leah to enjoy its green and calming oasis. Relax into their comforting seats and enjoy their menu of classic English dishes, including their signature beef wellington paired with smooth local craft beers.

Lee Garden Two 303-309
phone 2337 7651
A Happy Pancake
Do you have a sweet tooth? Desserts could be the best way to de-stress and treat yourself. A Happy Pancake serves up some authentically Japanese fluffy stacks of pancakes guaranteed to make you feel better about your day, best enjoyed on its breezy outdoor patio or its soothingly minimal and natural indoor area.

Lee Garden Three 203-205
phone 2338 4315 / 2338 4724
Zentro East
Serving a menu of fresh Japanese and Western fusion dishes, Zentro East is an urban green getaway, complete with modern and chic decor, and a beautiful outdoor terrace that overlooks the bustling cityscape. Enjoy a variety of hearty dishes, including their signature Hokkaido soup curry and chargrilled Iberico pork, or indulge in their omakase menu with a glass of beer or sake.

Lee Garden Three 229-230
phone 2802 8000
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