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Louis Vuitton
Lee Garden One
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Hysan Place
Lee Theatre
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Lee Theatre
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Lee Gardens
Fashion & AccessoriesSandro Lee Garden Two 115
Personal Care & BeautySaSa Supreme Leighton GF,2F
Personal Care & BeautyScent With You Hysan Place 609B
Kids’ Fashion & Lifestyleseed Lee Garden Two 219-220
Fashion & AccessoriesShiatzy Chen Lee Garden One 209
Kids' Play & Learn Shichida Educational Institute (HK) Limited One Hysan Avenue 703
Supermarket, Gourmet & Wine Sift Patisserie Hysan Place 217
Personal Care & BeautySkinbook Hysan Place 4F(OpenSpace01)
Fashion & Accessoriessnidel Hysan Place 306-307
Fashion & AccessoriesST. JOHN Lee Garden One 116
Fashion & AccessoriesSTACCATO Hysan Place 703-704
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleSteiff Lee Garden Two 306
Supermarket, Gourmet & Wine Sugar & Spice Hysan Place 10F(eslite)
Fashion & AccessoriesSuperdry Hysan Place 506
Personal Care & BeautySUPËRSNATURAL Hysan Place 8F(eslite)
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalT Galleria Beauty By DFS Hysan Place B1/F
Personal Care & BeautyT Galleria Beauty By DFS Hysan Place G04-33
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalTASAKI Lee Garden Two 123
Personal Care & BeautyTCM PLUS Hysan Place 609A
SportsThe North Face Urban Exploration Hysan Place 408
Personal Care & BeautyThe Organic Pharmacy Hysan Place 623-624
Fashion & AccessoriesThe Unit Store Hysan Place 10F(eslite)
Fashion & AccessoriesTheory Lee Garden Two 119, 120
Fashion & AccessoriesTODABOM Hysan Place 715-716
Fashion & AccessoriesTOD's Lee Garden Two G06, 106
Fashion & AccessoriesTORY BURCH Lee Garden Two G13, G13A
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalTOUS Hysan Place 323
OthersTowngas Cooking Centre Lee Theatre 9A
Kids' Play & Learn Towngas Cooking Centre Lee Theatre 9A
Fashion & AccessoriesTSE Lee Garden One 208A
Fashion & AccessoriesÜBER TUNIQUE Hysan Place 301A
Fashion & Accessoriesune nana cool Hysan Place 612
Fashion & AccessoriesUNIQLO Lee Theatre B2/F, B1/F, G/F
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleUNIQLO Lee Theatre B2/F, B1/F, G/F
Supermarket, Gourmet & Wine Urban Bakery Hysan Place B2/F(MPJ)
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