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Lee Gardens
Personal Care & BeautyM Plus Salon Lee Garden Three 311-315
Fashion & AccessoriesMaje Lee Garden Two 111-112
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicMaskology Living Leighton Centre G07
Personal Care & BeautyMegeve Beauty & Medical Centre Limited One Hysan Avenue 20/F
Home Furnishing & AppliancesMiele Lee Garden Six G02-G04, 1/F
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalMIKIMOTO Lee Garden Two G05
Kids' Play & Learn miniMinds English Learning Centre One Hysan Avenue 4/F
Fashion & AccessoriesMLB Hysan Place 407-408
Personal Care & BeautyMM AVEDA Lee Garden Two 125-126
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicMoleskine Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalMontresor Infini Lee Garden Five 1401B
Fashion & AccessoriesMoomin Shop Hong Kong Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Kids’ Fashion & Lifestylemothercare Lee Garden Two 201-202
Supermarket, Gourmet & Wine Mountain Queen Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Personal Care & Beautymtm labo Lee Garden Six 902
Fashion & AccessoriesMUJI Lee Theatre Plaza 3/F, 4/F
Home Furnishing & AppliancesMUJI Lee Theatre Plaza 3/F, 4/F
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleMUJI Lee Theatre Plaza 3/F, 4/F
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicMUJI Lee Theatre Plaza 3/F, 4/F
Kids' Play & Learn MY KIDDY GYM LIMITED Leighton Centre 1515 & 1517
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleMy Little J Ltd Leighton Centre G11
Kids' Play & Learn My Little J Ltd Leighton Centre G11
Kids’ Fashion & Lifestylemy shop Lee Garden Two 226
Home Furnishing & AppliancesMyAttic Lee Garden Three 201-202
Business Centre & Co-working SpaceMyBASE Lee Theatre Plaza 10B
EducationMyBASE Lee Theatre Plaza 10B
Personal Care & BeautyMyeong Hysan Place 8/F(eslite)
Personal Care & BeautyNail it Tokyo Hysan Place 703
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleNANOS Lee Garden Two 210
Personal Care & BeautyNeal's Yard Remedies Hysan Place 8/F(eslite)
Fashion & AccessoriesNew Era Hysan Place 508
SportsNIKE Leighton Centre G13-G14 & L03
Kids' Play & Learn NTK Academic Group Lee Garden Five 5/F
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalOLENS Hysan Place 323
Personal Care & BeautyOnce Massage Lee Garden Three 321-322
Personal Care & BeautyOsmosis Hair & Scalp Ltd. One Hysan Avenue 302
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalOWNDAYS Hysan Place 401
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