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Lee Gardens
Supermarket, Gourmet & Wine Sake Moment Lee Garden Two LG24 - LG25
Fashion & AccessoriesSandro Lee Garden Two 115
Personal Care & BeautySaSa Supreme Leighton Centre GF,2F
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleSeed Lee Garden Two 219-220
Personal Care & BeautySense Beauty & Spa Lee Garden Six 4/F
Supermarket, Gourmet & Wine Seoul Recipe Lee Garden Two LG09 - LG10
Fashion & AccessoriesShiatzy Chen Lee Garden One 209
Kids' Play & Learn Shichida Educational Institute (HK) Limited One Hysan Avenue 703
OthersSHOUT ART HUB AND GALLERY Hysan Place 109-112
Fashion & AccessoriesShuki Hysan Place 423B
Supermarket, Gourmet & Wine sift desserts Hysan Place 217
Business Centre & Co-working SpaceSignature Hysan Place Hysan Place 31/F, 32/F
Fashion & AccessoriesSIMPLY BLISS Leighton Centre G09
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleSimply Toys Lee Garden Two 207
Kids' Play & Learn SL International Artist Training Academy Leighton Centre 2301-2305
Home Furnishing & AppliancesSmeg Lee Garden Three 226-228
Fashion & AccessoriesSNIDEL Hysan Place 311-312
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicSOAPify Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Business Centre & Co-working SpaceSpaces Lee Garden Three 4/F, 5/F, 6/F, 20/F, 21/F
Home Furnishing & AppliancesSPOTTED by HOMELESS Lee Garden Three 126-128
Fashion & AccessoriesST. JOHN Lee Garden One 106-107
Fashion & AccessoriesStayreal Hysan Place 519
Kids' Play & Learn Steps Education Plus (CWB) One Hysan Avenue 1102
Home Furnishing & AppliancesStressless Lee Garden Three 216-217
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicStuddedheartz Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Home Furnishing & AppliancesSub-Zero & Wolf Lee Garden Three G17-G20
Fashion & AccessoriesSUPERGA Hysan Place 422A
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalT Galleria Beauty By DFS Hysan Place B1/F
Personal Care & BeautyT Galleria Beauty By DFS Hysan Place G04-33
Jewellery, Watches & OpticalTASAKI Lee Garden Two 123
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleTavolo Kids Living Lee Garden Three 123-125
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicThe Healer Co. Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Fashion & AccessoriesThe Korner Lee Theatre Plaza 103
Fashion & AccessoriesThe Little Shop Lee Garden One 205B
SportsThe North Face Urban Exploration Hysan Place 408
SportsThe Overlander Hysan Place 715-716
Lifestyle, Electronics & MusicThe Pallet Store Hysan Place 10/F(eslite)
Personal Care & BeautyThe Spa by Valmont Lee Garden One B01
EducationThe University of Manchester Worldwide Limited Lee Garden One 3303
Business Centre & Co-working SpacetheDesk Leighton Centre 20/F
Business Centre & Co-working SpacetheDesk One Hysan Avenue 14/F
Fashion & AccessoriesTheory Lee Garden Two 119, 120
Fashion & AccessoriesTORIO Store Hysan Place 302
OthersTowngas Cooking Centre Lee Theatre Plaza 9A
Kids' Play & Learn Towngas Cooking Centre Lee Theatre Plaza 9A
Fashion & AccessoriesTSE Lee Garden One 208A
Home Furnishing & Appliancesumbra Lee Garden Three 119-120
Fashion & AccessoriesUNDEFEATED Lee Garden Three G05-G07
Fashion & AccessoriesUNIQLO Lee Theatre Plaza B2/F, B1/F, G/F
Kids’ Fashion & LifestyleUNIQLO Lee Theatre Plaza B2/F, B1/F, G/F
Supermarket, Gourmet & Wine Urban Bakery Hysan Place B2/F(MPJ)
Fashion & AccessoriesUSAGI ONLINE STORE Hysan Place 310
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