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子どもの遊びと学びArt Ateliers de la little Masterhand One Hysan Avenue 1503
子どもの遊びと学びBerlitz Language Centre Lee Garden Six 2/F
子どもの遊びと学びBridge Elite Education Lee Garden Six 702
子どもの遊びと学びCapstone @ Lab Lee Garden Six 5-6/F
子どもの遊びと学びCapstone Educational Group Limited Lee Garden Six 5-6/F
子どもの遊びと学びCapstone Educational Group Limited/ Capstone Pre Education Center One Hysan Avenue 2/F
子どもの遊びと学びCarol Bateman School of Dancing Leighton Centre 1509-1513
子どもの遊びと学びCauseway Talent Education Limited One Hysan Avenue Room 301
子どもの遊びと学びGlobal First Education Centre Lee Garden Six 701
子どもの遊びと学びGPA Learning One Hysan Avenue 701B
子どもの遊びと学びHeguru Education Limited One Hysan Avenue 2201
子どもの遊びと学びI Can Read Education Centre (Causeway Bay) Lee Garden Six 301
子どもの遊びと学びKinderU Lee Garden Six 4/F
子どもの遊びと学びLevel 7 One Hysan Avenue 601B
子どもの遊びと学びLevel 7 One Hysan Avenue 601B
子どもの遊びと学びMaggie & Rose Lee Garden Two 303-309 & 311
子どもの遊びと学びMaison Ant Nouveau Limited One Hysan Avenue 902
子どもの遊びと学びminiMinds English Learning Centre One Hysan Avenue 4/F
子どもの遊びと学びNTK Academic Group Lee Garden Five 5/F
子どもの遊びと学びQuantumbilities Education Centre One Hysan Avenue 601A
子どもの遊びと学びShichida Educational Institute (HK) Limited One Hysan Avenue 703
子どもの遊びと学びTowngas Cooking Centre Lee Theatre 9A
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