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Hysan Power Up Designated Merchant e-Vouchers’ Expiry Date Extension

Due to the positive feedback, the expiry date of Hysan Power Up Merchant e-Vouchers for designated merchants will be extended from 31 May, 2020 to 15 June, 2020. The expired Merchant e-Vouchers will not be accepted. 

Participated Merchants List of expiry date extension to 15 June, 2020:
(For any enquiry about the expiry date of Merchant e-Vouchers, shoppers are recommended to contact individual tenants directly.)

Hysan Place  希慎廣場
6ixty 8ight  705-708A
ACCA KAPPA  313-314
alluressories  B104
Aroma Truffle  B105
b+ab  306-307
Bai Fung Bento 百芳 11/F
Beams 6/F
Beyorg 有機無限 215-216
BIGPACK  402-403
Cadilac Bar & Grill  718-719
Cha Ling 茶靈 206
CHALI 茶里 511A
Champion  509
Cheung Leung Kee 張梁記 422B
Diamanti Per Tutti  329
double-park 521
Eslite Bookstore 誠品書店 8/F-10/F
fresh  108
Green Waffle Diner  1303
G-Shock Casio  512
Hachill  526
Herschel  506B
Ho Hung Kee (1946) Congee & Noodle Shop 何洪記(1946)粥麵專家 1204-1205
Hoax  709
i.t blue block  6/F
initial Accessory  3/F Open Space No.1
IPPUDO 一風堂 1403
Jasons Food & Living  B2/F
Kyo Hayashiya 京林屋 1203
Les Nereides  322
Line Friends Store  207, 208-209, 210
Links of London  324-325
Nabe Urawa 牛気 1404-1405
Olens  323
Pacific Coffee  516-517
Pinkicon  518
Pizza Maru  1302
Popcorn General Store  409
Prawn Noodle Shop 蝦麵店 11/F
Rabeanco  316
Reddot Optic  418-419
Sen-ryo 千両 1304-1305
Shuki  423B
Sift Patisserie  217
Smile Yogurt Cake Dessert  511B
SNIDEL  311-312
Staccato  703-704
Starbucks 星巴克 B2/F(MPJ)
The Dining Room Plus 南小館Plus 1201
The North Face Urban Exploration  408
Vans  510
Lee Garden One利園一期
Anya Hindmarch  216
Caelum Greene  310A
COVA Pasticceria-Confetteria (餅店) 108A
La Maison du Chocolat  B03A
Ofée  303
Starbucks 星巴克 305, 306
West Villa Restaurant 西苑酒家 5/F
Lee Garden Two利園二期
Abebi  204-205
APM Monaco  106
Arte Madrid  103
Bora Aksu Kids  216
Calvin Klein Underwear  121
Dejade  102
dunhill  G01A
INNIU  107
Maggie and Rose  303-309 & 311
MAJE  111-112
Marina Rinaldi  110
MM Aveda  125-126
Mothercare  201-202
Nanos  215
Pacific Coffee  G02
Petit Bateau  209
Portspure  106A
Private I Garden Kids  230
Private Shop  122
The Cakery  124
The Leah + Leah Café  303-309, 311
Theory  119-120
Lee Garden Three 利園三期
At. Home  116-118
Belgos  G11-G15
Busybee  319-320
mastermind vs A Bathing Ape® G08-G10
M Plus Salon  311-315
Monoyono  221-222
Next Door Café  206-210
Reserva Iberica (Tapas Café & Bar)  316-318
Starbucks Flagship Store 星巴克旗艦店 101-110
Sweet Fashion House  G16
Tavolo Kids Living  123-125
Umbra  119-120
Visionaire  223-225
Lee Garden Six 利園六期
Brick Lane  G01
Lee Theatre Plaza  利舞臺廣場
@cosme STORE  104-105
Dodam Chicken  18A
Honma Golf  11/F
Putien 莆田 7A
The Graces Restaurant 玉桃軒 20/F
Uniqlo  B2/F, B1/F, G/F
Zoff  101
Leighton Centre 禮頓中心
Haglöfs  G12
Nike  G13-G14 & L03
SaSa Supreme  GF,2F
Starbucks 星巴克 L05
One Hysan Avenue希慎道壹號
I.T Hysan One B/F-1/F
Izzue  G02

The below designated Hysan Power Up Merchant e-Vouchers are expired by 31 May 2020. The expired Merchant e-Vouchers will not be accepted and will not be re-issued. Thank you for your support!
Merchants List of e-Vouchers expired by 31 May 2020:

Hysan Place 希慎廣場
Her own word 701-702
Lee Garden One 利園一期
ENOTECA 307-308
Tse 208A
Vein 213
Lee Garden Two 利園二期
Chicco 203
Mikimoto G05
Lee Garden Three 利園三期
Paidi 121-122

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