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Reserva Ibérica Tapas Bar & Café


Reserva Ibérica Tapas Bar & Café

Location리 가든 쓰리 316-318
Phone3188 6608
영업시간08:00 - 21:30* (Mon to Fri)
10:30 - 21:00* (Sat to Sun)

Reserva Ibérica Tapas Bar & Café presents to you the ABC concept: All-day Tapas made from seasonal Spanish ingredients are available for Grab & Go; Best Bellota 100% Acorn-fed Ibérico ham and other Spanish delicacies bring unparalleled sensations to your palate; Custom-made Café experience caters to your liking as our professional baristas serve quality house blend 100% Arabica Coffee, along with a host of coffee cocktails and quaffable wines for your choosing. Enliven your morning with our authentic Spanish lifestyle or unwind yourself after work, the choice is yours.

Reserva Ibérica Hong Kong is an extension of Reserva Ibérica from Barcelona. With solid roots in the legendary La Boqueria market in Barcelona, the team has over 40 years dedicated to the perfect Iberian ham – only made with 100% pure Ibérico breed free-range pigs in the Spanish forests. Today there are successful retail shops worldwide including Barcelona, Sant Cugat, Japan and Hong Kong.

*Opening hours and last orders' timing listed are for reference only. Information is subject to change without prior notice. Please contact the related restaurants directly with any inquiries.

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